In 1978, Sheriff Duane Lowe saw a need to have a highly trained team of officers to handle complex, often dangerous incidents and resolve them in a safe and expeditious manner as to limit loss of life, property damage and reduce economic impact on these incidents to the business communities within the Sacramento region.

To accomplish this, he selected one supervisor to assemble six deputies and lead them in a manner consistent with his vision. This was the founding of the “Special Enforcement Detail” (SED / SWAT). SED continued to evolve in response to the needs of the department and community as a tool to reduce crime and solve complex critical incidents. Shortly after it’s inception, SED was designated a “full time” SWAT team to meet the demands of the assignment.

This assignment to SED is competitive and prestigious. Since 1978, only 121 deputies have been selected to be part of Special Enforcement Detail. Due to their high standards and commitment to the community, department and team members, SED continues to remain one of the best SWAT teams in the United States. 

The Special Enforcement Detail has a tradition of excellence established through training, teamwork, leadership and community support.


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