The mission of Sacramento Sheriff’s Tactical Foundation (SACTAC) is to provide support, community awareness and fundraising to aid in the procurement of non-deadly technology, safety equipment, and training to enhance the lifesaving efforts of Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office “Special Enforcement Detail” and associated tactical response teams. Through this partnership, the Sheriff’s mission of “Service with Concern” is held paramount with the focus placed on community safety during the response to critical incidents.

Sacramento Sheriff’s Tactical Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to providing law enforcement with additional tools needed to further ensure the safety of both Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to the Special Operations Bureau and the members of our community. Sacramento Sheriff’s Tactical Foundation was founded in March 2013 and is governed by a board of directors, which currently consists of eleven members. The board is proudly comprised of local businesspersons, community members and four Sheriff’s Department employees. The four Sheriff’s Department employees serving as board members have held or currently hold a specific position within the organization as part of the Special Enforcement Detail (SED).

The mission of the Special Enforcement Detail is to fulfill the need of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to provide a highly trained, specially equipped, flexible unit to respond to emergency situations without disrupting the normal operations of the department, while providing for the maximum safety of the community. The role of SED is to neutralize hazardous situations by using time, teamwork, specialized equipment and effective tactics.

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